BOUNTY GOOD ClearSight audit on Certix

Name project : CLEARSIGHT
Rating : ⭐⭐⭐ 
Duration : 4 week 
Allocation : 500,000 CLST
Bounty manager : Bounty Star


ClearSight is a global freelance platform that offers reliable freelance solutions using decentralised technology such as blockchain and smart cards. This interactive platform helps employers to find the right freelancers and vice versa. We have backed up our ecosystem with a BSC based token to promote an exquisite user experience among members.ClearSight understands how freelancers have been tormented with huge commission fees by other freelance websites and are committed to reducing this fee with blockchain technology. Additionally, our user-friendly platform allows you to access your money easily using a Visa Debit Card. ClearSight offers freelancers an opportunity to manage their professional profiles using a digital identity, which protects them from theft and fraud. With over 21 bilion exchangeable tokens, ClearSight offers relatively lower transaction costs while maintining super fast transactions at the same time.

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