Name projeck : QUARASHI
Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
Duration : 7 week
Total reward : 1 M TOKEN $QUA
Bounty manager : Hhampuz


What is Quarashi Network (QUA)?
Quarashi Network is a complete suite of solutions all in one platform focused on providing the user with
full privacy and anonymity.

The core elements of the Quarashi Network ecosystem are the Quarashi Privacy/Anonymity Chat, Multi Crypto Wallet & Exchange, IDO Launchpad. All of them are powered by the Quarashi Network Utility Token (QUA).

Quarashi doesn’t hold/store and will never ask you for information about any of your assets or private keys.

Quarashi represents a total breakout for the future of user rights to privacy and data protection.

Privacy shouldn’t be considered an extra feature. It is the absolute foundation and the irrevocable core upon the rest of the project is built.

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