AIRDROP GOOD - DisCas token instant reward, only for the fastest 200 participants


AIRDROP Discas Token

instant reward, only for

The fastest 200 participants


- using multiple accounts will be rejected (you will not get a reward)

- you must complete all tasks correctly, otherwise you will not get a reward


1: join telegram group discas : https://t.me/discas_en

2: join the bountygood channel : https://t.me/bountygood1

3: follow the bountygood website : www.bountygood.com

4: subscribe youtobe bountygood :  : https://youtube.com/channel/UC2JhlxR2Y1I7FGvJHOVtfLg

5: follow bountygood twitter, and retweet the pinned post : https://twitter.com/list_bounty/

the final step is

send all screenshots and your bsc wallet address here : https://t.me/news_crypto_anality


the reward will be sent immediately if the admin is online

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  1. everyone who does the task correctly has received the reward, there are still many opportunities to participate, join now



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